How to find a fitting bra?

Fitting braMany women have problems with the proper bra size. Often it is simply too small or has a too wide band, and therefore does not provide adequate support for women's breasts, which significantly reduces the comfort. Therefore, if you do not have a matching bra, this first one is really worth buying.

On the web you will find plenty of advice on brafitting and how to find the suitable bra for yourself. You just have to measure yourself under the bust and in the bust and then check the dimensions in the provided chart to find out your size. You can also go to a good lingerie store where you will get a full service - brafitter will measure you and then propose several different bra models. Also she can show you how to properly wear a bra.


Then you will easily be able to wear a strapless bra - that is a big challenge even for larger busts. You'll find also that a proper bra will change your figure – it will be more slender and you'll certainly end up pleasing herself in the mirror. Therefore, a fitting bra is a very good investment!


Small breasts - how to make them more visible?


Small breasts

Lingerie is an integral part of any outfit. Although we hide it under our clothes, it has a key role. Perfectly matched can work wonders with a woman’s silhouette. It allows you to reduce or increase your bust, slim your waist or flatten the stomach. Well-chosen lingerie will make you look great.

Small breasts can be enlarged by getting a bra push-up. Bras with special inserts are a good solution - they can visually enlarge your breasts by up to a few sizes.

It is worth remembering also that a common problem is a mismatched bra. When it has a loose band, then it often does not emphasize the bust properly. In this case, you need to choose a bra that fits properly - with a narrow band and a cup that will fit the size of the bust. You can also go to a lingerie store and ask a brafitter for advice – she can offer you some neatly fitted bras. You can then also achieved spectacular results!


Thus, even with a smaller bust you can achieve a great look i just find a matching bra, which can work wonders!

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