Basic bra styles

Basic braPush-up bra is bra cut for special tasks, which has cups filled with foam padding or with a special gel. It increases the bust visual size immediately. Is adored by women with smaller breasts.

A balconette bra is designed especially for widely spaced breasts. Line of the cups is here almost horizontal, so balconette bras are ideal for a wider necklines. They also emphasize the breasts and give them a natural look.

Half-cup bras are about half of the breast, boldly exposing and revealing the upper parts of them, so it is strongly raised and neatly shaped. Half-cup bras are perfect for large, low necklines.

Full-cup bra is a full, built-up type of bra, which is occluding the whole breast. It nicely supports the bust and gives it a round shape. It is very comfortable for wear, ideal for everyday use, but not suitable for larger necklines.


Plunge is a sexy bra with a very low bridge between the cups. It shapes a seductive valley between the breasts, so is ideal for dresses and blouses with deep necklines.


Basic types of panties

Basic pantiesThongs are sexy and fully reveal the bottom, also they are not visible under the clothing. Currently, there are many types of seductive lingerie, but most have a distinctive Y-shaped detail at the back.


Hipster panties have wide sides making it ideal for low-rise pants. They obscure the entire bottom and are not visible under clothing. Unfortunately, this style optically shortens the legs, so it is not necessarily suitable for any body type.

Boxer shorts is a recently undisputed leader. They obscure much of the body, but more are also available in lace and tulle, they are great both on a daily basis, as well as a sexy lingerie.

Panties are the most classic type perfect for any occasion. They cover the entire bottom, but are less built up than shorts, both front and rear. Most are made of cotton, microfiber, lace and other types of materials.

Shapewear panties can slim your silhouette. They model the bottom, bum and thighs. They are made from special, flexible materials that shape the silhouette, while ensuring full freedom of movement.



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